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Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence instruction enhances self-esteem, helps to establish healthy relationships, reduces emotional distress, and can increase a student's receptivity to learning.

We want to motivate kids to attend and actively participate in their After School program, so we are designing the next generation of emotional intelligence activities that leverage a wealth of new visualization technologies, interactive multi-media, and other tools embedded throughout an activity to foster a more engaging and creative experience.

Our intention is to create activities that enable kids to be the protagonists in a life-long adventure to acquire the necessary social skills to thrive as happy and productive people in society


An education enriched with arts instruction was shown to increase the likelihood of enrollment in college by 17.6% and also had the positive impact of reducing unemployment rates for young adults by 10% (Report: "Good morning creativity" from the Botín Foundation.

We're helping After School programs develop Visual Arts learning activities that build on our experience utilizing interactive multi-media tools and video production to create new instructional content.


According to a study in the American Scientist, The 95 Percent Solution, only 5% of science learning occurs in the classroom.

  • The challenge for kids at risk of social and economic exclusion is making sure they are getting exposed to relevant and meaningful science experiences when they leave the school environment.

  • The challenge for After School centers is to develop activities they're able to both support and afford.

We are developing Project Based Learning activities with a scientific focus and customized for after school instruction. Our goal is to make these activities affordable by embedding virtual and open-source science tools within the curriculum.

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