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You want to be a volunteer* in a non-profit organization that wants to create dynamic technological learning experiences for minors at risk of social exclusion?


It is an essential requirement to have a certificate of Crimes of a Sexual Nature. We help you get it if you need it.


You will be able to solve unique challenges in the integration of technology

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You will support the team in a culturally rich area of ​​Madrid and interact with leading local social entrepreneurs

You will meet new people and have fun with an international team



The Sanders Foundation, within its volunteer program, has five lines of volunteers.

All of them are accompanied and supported by the foundation team.







Professional design volunteer: develops digital activities.

Professional reconditioning volunteer: recondition second-hand computers.

University volunteering digital activities: carries out activities that develop their digital skills with minors at risk of exclusion.

English university volunteers: they are Anglo-Saxon or bilingual, they teach and reinforce the knowledge of English to the boys and girls of the centers. English is the language of programming and we want them to achieve a high level.

Logistics volunteering: transfer of computer equipment from companies to our repair space and then deliver them to the centers.

Coordination volunteer: coordinates the program.


The Sanders Foundation focuses on the development of social and emotional learning (SEL) activities that are rich in technology, multimedia and specifically customized for use in after-school programs that serve minors at risk and social exclusion.


We are located in the heart of one of the most active cultural areas of Madrid, the Barrio de las Letras, next to the CaixaForum, Medialab-Prado and less than 10 minutes on foot from the Atocha station.


We are at the Impact Hub in Madrid, it is a shared co-working space, an incubator center for social innovation projects that is part of a global network of more than 7,000 members.


Fill out our contact form and tell us about yourself and your interests so that we can determine the best way to Collaborate!




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Thanks to the work of volunteering, in 2022 we won the second prize for University Volunteering from the Mutua Madrileña Foundation.

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