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The Sanders Foundation collaborates with the General Directorate for Childhood, Family and Birth Promotion of the Community of Madrid to develop a set of socio-educational digital activities for the classroom, focused on children acquiring digital skills within the common European framework DigComp.

It is not usual to combine pedagogical innovation and the use of new technologies. Some are closely associated with what is done inside the classroom and others with what is done outside (leisure, social networks). However, experience tells us that it is essential to unite good educational practices with the tools that ICTs make available to us, if we want to change what we learn and how we learn it.

The values ​​that have guided us in this task have been those that new technologies have enhanced. On the one hand, to generate greater opportunities for educational success by facilitating access for all to an enormous amount of relevant information. On the other hand, stimulate participation, interaction and collaboration, fundamental elements for learning and very present in the digital world. If you want to introduce new technologies in your teaching/learning space, or if you need innovative and quality digital teaching materials with attractive and enriching content, which develop critical thinking while educating on the importance of internet security, we invite you to contact us.


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